Loop Mass

Austin, TX

I volunteered to participate in a 2 day audiovisual event with 50 other visual artist's. We were tasked with creating short looping animations. (My videos can be seen below)

"This event will be a technological feat for creative directors, Ryan Padgett and Stephen Fishman, as they design the experience, construct the edifice and technical foundation, and deploy software-based solutions to place every video clip accurately onto the surface of over a hundred suspended picture frames, and other found objects. The audience is free to explore the sculpture while the musicians perform their pieces. The video content will ‘react’ to the live performance, reorganizing and re-sequencing, to reflect thematic and emotional cues in the music itself. Some composers will be exchanging data with the video crew to create an even stronger integration with the visuals.

This unique piece will create a new benchmark for live audiovisual design and performance in Central Texas. It draws from an ever-expanding talent pool of collaborators who have contributed to the creation of a new visual instrument to be performed."


Photo credit: Bob Peck